--Nutrition Notes--

  • The nutrition label for each product provided on the respective product pages follows the FDA guidelines for presenting nutrition label information!
  • Since our instructions provide recommended serving sizes in ounces though, we also want to provide that level of information to our customers! (Please see 1oz nutrition labels for all flavors below!)
  • **Please be aware** The nutrition information in 1oz format provides details as if 1oz of the spice mixtures were eaten with a spoon. When mixed with water and used as a brine as recommended, the actual amount of salt and other ingredients absorbed by the meat and consumed will be significantly less, determined by the concentration of the brine (ratio of brine mix to meat and water)! Please read "Special Details About FIT Brine" below for concerns about salt consumption and how to make FIT Brine work for you!!!
1oz Nutrition Info

--Special Details About FIT Brine--

  • FIT Brines were designed as an equilibrium brine (calculated formula of salt, spices, and water for a specific amount of meat, not dependent on brining time). This allows you to achieve consistent results every time you use FIT Brines!
  • Though we recommend 6-12 hours of brining time, you can leave the meat in the brine for longer, as the brining process stops once equilibrium is reached (same concentration of salt, spices and water in the meat compared to the brine solution).
  • While we recommend 1oz brine mix and 1 cup of water for every pound of meat, for those who are more sensitive to salt, this ratio may be too intense. However, FIT Brines can be customized to fit your needs! We recommend the following changes:
    • Use more meat with the same amount of brine (ie 1.5lbs meat for 1oz brine mix and 1cup water)
    • Add more water to the brine (1.25 cups water for 1oz brine mix and 1lbs meat)
    • The above recommendations will reduce the concentration of the brine mix, preventing your meat from becoming too salty!
    • Alternatively, reduce the brining time by 1-2 hours so the brine (and salt) is not able to affect the meat as much.
    • Make FIT Brines work for you and enjoy!!!