FIT Brine Brand Ambassador

FIT Brine would like to welcome Chef Wendell Price to the FIT Brine family as our brining Brand Ambassador.  Chef Price, having owned and been head Chef of various restaurants throughout the county, sees the value of the brining technique and the wholesome, unique, and quality of flavors that FIT Brine offers. 

 A native Texas, Wendell Price learned basic culinary techniques from four generations of cooks that date back to 1765.  Recipes from Wendell's great, great, great grandmother--affectionately know as "Mama Lee," were passed down four generations-- reaching Wendell by way of his grandmother, "Jennie B."  "My grandmother developed my technique and for cooking.  The world that developed my palette."  Wendell credits his father, "Wendell Sr.," an accomplished engineer and restaurateur, for developing his business acumen.  In 1986, Wendell entered the Naval Academy with an assignment to the SHLSS in Maryland.  Sailing overseas as a maritime chef, Wendell experienced the world -- savoring individual culinary experiences in each port.

After four years at sea, Wendell settled in Los Angeles and quickly became the chef of choice for many of Hollywood's elite -- Elizabeth Taylor, Kevin Costner, and Carl Lewis.  "One contact and private party led to another." says Chef Wendell.  It wasn't long before Chef Wendell became an official restaurant while juggling catering assignments for some of the most-watched TV shows of the 1990s-- The Jeff Fox Worthy Show, The Martin Lawrence Show, and Living Single Featuring Queen Latifah.

 In 1996, Chef Wendell was named Executive Chef of Georgia, in one of LA's chicest district--Melrose Avenue.  Owned by Norman Nixon and Denzel Washington, the restaurant's concept was a fine restaurant that served Southern American fare.  In 2001, Wendell took on Memphis, TN. Barbara Smith called on Price to host her popular food and lifestyle show "B Smith with Style." A cookbook author, furniture designer, restaurateur and lifestyle guru, B Smith mentored Chef through the development of a marketable "Chef Wendell brand."  Price taped 17 episodes for TV Food Network's, "Date Plate," airing in 2003, and co-authored "Cooking with Heart and Soul," with fellow Memphian, Isaac Hayes.  Wendell's World Beat Grill opened in July 2002.  Additionally, Chef Wendell became a preferred chef at the Clinton Presidential Library -- catering a spectacular menu from the upscale Memphis eatery.

Today, Chef Wendell has set his sights on the development of original entertainment programming, book publishing and ad campaigns for TV and radio, among other activities.  For the complete biography and more information on Chef Wendell Price please visit

--Excerpts taken from Chef Wendell Price's Biography