FIT Brine Mango Habanero

FIT Brine Mango Habanero

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If you are looking for the something spicy to kick up the flavors in your cooking 100 degrees (literally), then this is the brine is for you! Mango Habanero F.I.T. BrineTM delivers a hint of sweet ripe mango flavor that balances against that intensely hot and complex flavor of the habanero pepper we all know so well. This brine doesn’t just coat the outside of the meat like a sauce, but delves into the meat infusing it with that intense habanero heat, so there is no chance of escape. It is best used during the winter to keep warm, and it is sure to bring joyous tears to any heat lover! Be warned… 


Recommended Meats to Use: Chicken, Pork, Tilapia

Click on the links below to see the different recipes made with Mango Habanero F.I.T. BrineTM:


  • Healthy Meals Made Easy:
    • Mix 1oz of brine mix (~half of 1/3 cup) with 1 cup of water for every pound of meat in a sealable freezer bag
    • Tenderize and flavor any cut of meat without getting your hands dirty!
    • Season 3lbs of vegetables or potatoes with 3 tbsp olive oil and 1oz of brine mix 
    • Save time and effort creating a healthy, but delicious meal!
  • Dry brine mix made with gourmet spices
  • All Natural Ingredients: Gluten and MSG Free; No chemicals, preservatives, fillers, anti-caking agents, or artificial colors
  • Use 1oz for every 2.5lbs of bone-in turkey (ie 15lbs turkey, use 6oz)

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